ISOISO 55IIMM000, ISO 55001, and ISO 55002 enables an organisation to achieve its objectives through the effective and efficient management of its assets. The application of an asset management system provides assurance that those objectives can be achieved consistently and sustainably over time. gViz uses the direction of the standards plus the how of the International Infrastructure Management Manual 2015 to provide a consistent asset management framework for your organisation.

Benefits of adopting ISO 55000 include;

  • Alignment of processes, resources and functional contributions (instead of departmental silos and competing, short-term priorities).
  • Creating a transparent audit trail for what is done, when and why.
  • Better understanding and usage of data and information to provide informed and consistent decisions.
  • Improved planning (especially capital expenditure).
  • Consistent, prioritised and auditable risk management.
  • Alignment and coordination of existing initiatives, including competency development.
  • Greater engagement of the workforce, including leadership, communications and cross-disciplinary teamwork.

gViz uses these standards and reviews your Asset Management System, not just Asset Management Software to provide a road map for ISO 55000 alignment. This can include a review or the development of strategic, tactical and operational goals and plans, the review and development of Asset Management Plans and associated reporting.

This process is agnostic of the clients Asset Management software and is not Asset Optimiser or Cityworks specific. Utilising both gViz Enterprise Consulting and gViz Professional Services offerings can provide a methodical and aligned approach towards ISO 55000 alignment.

Read through our section on Asset Management to demonstrate just some of our understanding of the application of ISO 55000 by using IIMM 2015.