Cityworks is built using open standards and technology, storing data in an open, published format utilising standard commercial SQL databases, such as Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server.  The open standards design of Cityworks is the key to developing applications and reports that enhance each individual system and interface to critical business systems.  These interfaces may be created in-house or a third-party.

Cityworks is compatible with custom functionality built within ArcGIS either as an extension or part of a project file, including other Esri or third-party extensions. The data model and structure is documented for use by the users for internal or neutral, third-party consultant use.

Cityworks customers are free to use the Cityworks data structures to build interfaces to other databases such as a customer information system, financial information system, utility billing, fleet management, and related business applications.  Several customer sites have even created their own applications to access their data. Our licensing policy does not prohibit this in any way.  We believe in and fully support “open systems” and “open  standards”.  This truly means Cityworks is open.

Azteca Systems and gViz requires the client acknowledge that copyright law protects the Cityworks data structures, wherein the data is stored. However, the client is always the owner of data entered into Cityworks and/or data generated by Cityworks. Access and utilisation of these data in Cityworks is unencumbered for the client’s internal usage for:

Data conversion and data migration into or out of Cityworks.
Internal application development for add-ons to Cityworks or for an application that is complimentary to Cityworks, as long as the application is not a reverse engineering of Cityworks. The development and maintenance interface from Cityworks to citizen web page for information and service request systems. The licensee shall have access to the complete documentation of all Cityworks data structures.

Clients may also utilise the services of a third-party vendor to support Cityworks for the above items. However, the third-party vendor cannot be a direct competitor of Azteca Systems and/or gViz and the third-party vendor must execute a Non-disclosure Agreement with Azteca Systems and gViz.

Here are examples of recent integration projects:

311 – CitySourced, SeeClickFix, Public Stuff
AVL – CompassCom
Call Center – Motorola CRM
CCTV – Pipelogix, Pipeline Analyitics (WinCan), ITpipes, CUES
Construction Design – ArcFM
Customer Information System (CIS) – Harris, HTE, Cayenta, Advantage
Dashboard – OnPoint, SharePoint
Document Management – OnBase
Emergency Operations – WebEOC
Facilities – PenBay
Financial – TruePoint, HTE, JD Edwards, PeopleSoft, Great Plains, SAP, Harris, Oracle, Lawson, Banner, Microsoft Dynamics, Cogsdale, Munis, Peachtree, eGov
Front-end Tools – Geocortex
Fuel – Petrovend, GasBoy
Mobile/field – Freeance, iWater
Modeling – Innovyze, Riva Online, IDModeling
Pavement Management – MicroPAVER, TransMAP, Dynatest
SCADA – Wonderware, Siemens
Utility Locating – Dig-Smart, BlueReview