Solid asset management requires great software and Cityworks is among the best because of its unique approach to managing your assets and workflows. Great products become even greater solutions as the result of effective implementation.  gViz recognises that project implementation is vital to your success.  As part of a typical Cityworks implementation, a gViz project manager works carefully with the client to review their business processes and define a scope of implementation complete with project milestones to meet their time frame and budget needs.

Typical implementations begin with an on-site meeting designed to outline an implementation plan focused on results and an understanding the client’s specific needs.  The project manager can guide your project through installation, data conversion, user training, and deployment, culminating in a successful system rollout with on-site Cityworks coaching and support.  From full turnkey to limited assistance through remote interactive training (RIT), gViz looks forward to the opportunity to help you successfully implement your Cityworks solution within your time and budget constraints.

Below are just some of the Professional Services offered by gViz;

  • Change Management – when looking to transition into a new system, a key success criteria is that of adoption by the users. The level of adoption of the new system is influenced by the level of change management that has occurred leading up to and beyond go-live.
  • Project Governance – participation in Project Board meetings with key client stakeholders from business unit owners through to the Executive.
  • Project Management – to provide project updates, maintain and report on the project schedule and provide project reports. Coordination of project team resources both within the gViz team and also client SME’s to ensure that the prerequisites for workshops are delivered and that the stakeholders involved are well equipped and ready to participate in workshops.
  • Business Analysis – plan, facilitate and deliver workshops, review existing business processes, document workshop outcomes and hold further review meetings with subject matter experts.
  • GIS – resources to work with the client GIS team to document the required parameters for the consumption of the GIS services, infrastructure, and data structures to support Cityworks.
  • IT Review – resources to work with the client IT team to ensure that the deployed solution will work within the client environment, review and address non functional requirements.
  • Integration Requirements – resources to work with the client SME and other technology providers to document and build the integration requirements for the Cityworks solution.
  • Project Documentation – resources to document all outcomes from workshops ready for client acceptance.
  • Configuration – resources to then configure the solution according to the project documentation.
  • Data Migration –resources to review legacy systems and data and then develop scripts to load the legacy data into the Cityworks solution.
  • Training – resources and training material for both Cityworks Administrators and also Cityworks End Users.
  • Integration Development – resources to build the integrations documented in the Integration Requirements phase.
  • Testing – resources to develop test plans and scripts and then to remediate defects found.
  • Go-Live Support resources to assist at the time of cut over.
  • Warranty Period – resources throughout the warranty period to quickly address any users issues with the then deployed solution.