While not typically interacting with Cityworks at the level of detail of individual work activities, managers often need to view overall status, performance indicators, and other reports summarizing work activities.

Office & Field Users

Comprise the greatest number of Cityworks users, office and field users interact with the system at a detailed work activity level. This interaction requires a variety of solutions, ranging from traditional desktop applications, web applications, mobile tools and software, and other specific tools for specialised types of work activities.

GIS Professionals & Developers

Cityworks offers tools, components, and software that help extend and deploy GIS applications on multiple platforms. Developers can use the Cityworks API to create third-party applications using the Cityworks engine.

IT Professionals

Installations of Cityworks support a wide variety of IT environments including traditional desktops, web servers, database servers, ArcGIS servers, cloud environments, mobile connectivity, virtual servers, and network configurations.