Industries1Local & State Government, Utilities

Call centers, Customer service, Airports, Marinas, Engineering, Forestry, Cemeteries, Police and Fire departments, Fleet Management, Landfills, Emergency management and response,  Sanitation, Permitting, License renewals, Code enforcement, Land development, Plan reviews, Inspections, Fee calculations and collection, Abatements, Hearings.

Water, Storm & Wastewater

Water – distribution, treatment, meters, storage/reservoir; Wastewater – collection, treatment; Stormwater; Backflow prevention.

Streets, Traffic & Transportation

Streets – potholes, resurfacing, sweeping, snow removal, pavement markings; Street lighting; Street trees; Traffic – signals, signs; Parking meters.

Facility Management

Facility management encompasses managing, operating, and maintaining assets inside buildings or other structures. Modeling mechanical, electrical (circuits, breakers, lighting), heating/AC, plumbing, and security systems for office buildings, treatment plants, pump stations, electrical substations, and other facilities inside the geodatabase allows work activities to be tracked on these assets, just as for any GIS features. Managing facilities using GIS where information on equipment, warranties, space utilisation, energy consumption, and safety inspections contributes to informed decision making and improved efficiency in work order processing and routing.

Electric, Gas, and Telco

Electric – distribution, plant, transmission, Gas – distribution, Cable, Fiber optics, Telecommunications.

Parks & Recreation