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gViz is the exclusive ANZ distributor for  the IDS solution, Asset Optimiser (a long range asset management planning and optimisation solution) and provider for the Esri GIS-centric Asset Management Information System, Cityworks, from Azteca Systems.

Asset Optimiser

Asset Optimiser is a high-performance, high availability either cloud-based Software As A Service (SaaS) application or hosted on-premise solution and provides a rich set of analytical functions, reports, maps, charts, dashboards and documents from anywhere in a browser to analyse both forecast and historical performance.

Asset Optimiser implements algorithms to generate risk-based system-wide mutli-year asset renewal plans that are guaranteed to be optimal. Optimal plans can be created under a wide range of scenarios, including investment level and condition/risk target scenarios. Optimisation objective functions include maximisation ot risk levels, and minimisation of lifecycle costs. Asset Managers will be able to accurately assess the impact of funding levels and investment strategies on the condition and risk levels of individual assets, asset groups or the entire asset inventory.


Cityworks fully leverages your organisational investment in Esri GIS to manage both physical infrastructure and land-focused asset management.

Organisations allocate considerable resources toward developing and maintaining their GIS. Cityworks capitalises on this valuable resource. Cityworks and Esri ArcGIS combine to make the perfect platform for designing and creating GIS-centric public asset management solutions.

Service requests, work orders, inspections, and projects are used to track citizen concerns and all types of work activities—cyclical or reactive—with their associated costs. Map layers can be created to display information such as all open requests, pavement condition, all repaired potholes for a given time period, etc. Reports of all types can be generated on the fly using various search parameters or set up as customised templates. Cityworks empowers staff at all levels—field workers, call takers, and administration—to get the information they need to perform their jobs efficiently and make wise use of the resources to manage assets and provide services. Adding Cityworks Server PLL to a deployment provides all the land-focused asset management capabilities for permitting, licensing, and code enforcement.

In order to effectively manage assets, one needs to know what and where the assets are. At the core of any asset management system is an asset inventory. Cityworks is uniquely designed to utilise the Esri GIS geodatabase as the asset inventory. Though other approaches may interface with a GIS – generally for map visualisation – Cityworks truly utilises the GIS geodatabase as the sole source for the asset inventory, meaning no duplication, software integration, or concerns about what is the source of truth for your asset inventory.

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