gViz is committed to using AMIS (Asset Management Information System) and GIS technology to enable better decision making through geographic visualisation. This passion for both AMIS and GIS results in increased effectiveness, organisational value and appreciation for GIS.

Partnering with gViz
If you want a consultative approach, where gViz partners with you to deliver successful, cost effective, best practice Esri aligned GIS solutions, to suit your budget then gViz might be the alternative you have been waiting for.

What does gViz offer – The gViz Solutions

1.  gViz Asset Management Information System – GIS centric solutions in Asset Management.

Introducing Cityworks
gViz is the exclusive distributor of Esri based, GIS-centric Asset Management Infromation System, Cityworks. Developed by Esri Platinum Business Partner, Azteca Systems, Cityworks is the only solution of its kind to use the Esri Geodatabase as the Asset Register and Esri technology to provide a GIS centric solution deployed as an ArcGIS Server web application.

“Cityworks is your ideal mobile, back office and enterprise ESRI GIS based Asset Maintenance Management Solution.”

Introducing IDS Solutions
gViz is the exclusive distributor of IDS solutions, including Asset Optimiser, Bridge Optimiser, NBI Optimiser, Roads Optimiser, SewerNet Optimiser, and WaterNet Optimiser. 

Discover how IDS revolutionary solutions and methodologies can help you address the challenges for optimising infrastructure preservation plans. 

Our revolutionary solutions implement innovative algorithms unparalleled by competitors’ software, including advanced data analytics, multi-objective optimisation, inductive multi-variate deterioration modeling, and risk-based prioritisation. IDS solutions are the only software in the market that are guaranteed to generate truly optimal network-level preservation plans.

2.  gViz Enterprise Consulting – are Professional Services designed for the planning, implementation and review of AMS or GIS effectiveness.

So whether it be, a new AMS or GIS implementation, upgrading to take advantage of new technology or implementing an AMS or GIS project, gViz Enterprise Consulting services are designed to meet all aspects of AMS or GIS project planning and implementation in a transparent, independent, and cost effective approach.

“Minimal project overheads, best practice services, costed to meet your budget.”

3.  gViz Professional Services – are AMs or GIS Technical “Rent-A-Tech” Services for clients of gViz.

A unique approach in the industry. gViz offers clients an alternative professional services model. The technical skills you need, whether it be for system administration, workshops in the application of AMS or GIS technology, development, data maintenance and system deployment, gViz Professional Services are technical skills made available at your direction, with guidance from gViz.

“gViz Professional Services, partnering for successful outcomes!

Passionate about the application of Esri GIS technology, gViz is the exclusively distributor of Esri based Asset Management solution, Cityworks. Complimented with fixed price Enterprise Consulting outcomes and flexible, cost effective Professional Services options, gViz provides a range of Services and Esri Asset Management Software to deliver increased GIS effectiveness and unprecedented corporate value and appreciation for GIS.

With unlimited enthusiasm for the possibilities of GIS, gViz is committed to AMS and GIS and GIS Professionals. Enabling better decision making through Geographic Visualisation.

This is the gViz passion – the ability to make a difference!

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